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  • Sapphire Blue LED's with brightness control.
  • Dual voltage 115/203 capability.
  • Field replaceable fuse protection.
  • Modular plug connection for high and low pressure switches.
  • Uses less bulky 4 pin plugs for the display cable.
  • Continuous room temperature display with one touch set point temperature display or change.
  • Maintains room temperature to within 2 degrees of set point.
  • Remote temperature sensing bulb or faceplate air temperature sensor can be used.
  • Fahrenheit or Centigrade temperature display.
  • Automatic or six manually selected fan speeds.
  • High speed and low speed fan limit settings.
  • LED bar graph visualy indicates fan speed.
  • Fan can be set to run continuous or to cycle on and off as the room reaches the set point.
  • Dehumidification mode controls room temperature and humidity level.
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory. Controller will not lose settings in memory due to power interruptions. 
Technical Specifications: