Easy Chiller

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The Top Chiller panel enables to control all chiller functions; if connected by Condaria Network to fan coils, it controls them. The Easy Chiller panel enables to control all chiller functions.

Condaria Network: the Top Chiller is integrated with an on-board domotic system capable of controlling the air-conditioning of 16 rooms simultaneously. The user can monitor each room from a unique point. Every room appears on a display page.

Integrated computer interface to connect to an external domotic system, foreseen in case of use of  a domotic system alternative to the one of Condaria. Alarm relay: it supplies a contact which closes when an alarm condition is detected.

  • Feeding: monophase 230V 50/60Hz.
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings even without batteries.
  • Main panel with Blue LED graphic display: it is possible to connect up to 4.
Technical Specifications: