Best Marine AC Supplier for Miami, Stuart, Key West, Deerfield Beach, Jupiter, Pompano Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas

4 Reasons Why Beard Marine Is the Superior Choice For Your Marine AC Needs

It's no secret that you need a marine AC system for your vessel. Having a marine AC system can make your boat a more enjoyable and pleasurable place for you and your guests. Without an AC system, those Florida days out on the water can be unbearable! But how do you know which marine AC system is right for you? How do you know that you're getting honest service from your marine sales and service company?

Marine Air Conditioning in Miami, Boca Raton, & Pompano Beach: 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace It

4 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Marine Air Conditioner

If you don’t have a marine air conditioning unit on your vessel then you need to get one ASAP! Having a marine AC system can enhance your boating experience and make enclosed cabin spaces more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your guests. If you’re looking to enhance your boating experience with a new marine AC unit then give us a call today!

The Advantages of Chilled Water Systems, Marine Air Systems in Miami, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, Locally, and Worldwide

It’s no secret that a marine air system can take your boat to the next level. Whether you utilize your vessel for fishing trips or romantic dinners on the ocean, having a quality marine air system is essential. But with so many marine A/C models available to you, how do you know what model is right for your vessel?

The Dometic Turbo Air Conditioning Series is the Supreme Boat Air Conditioner for Your Vessel

Boat Air Conditioner

Florida boat owners enjoy some of the clearest and most attractive waters in the world. With a rich marine life and warm weather year-round, if you own a boat or yacht in Florida you can enjoy trips on the waves nearly every day of the year. From fishing to diving, to enjoying a bite to eat on the waves, there is nothing like owning your own marine vessel in Florida.

Three Marine Refrigeration Units Every Captain Needs for Their Boat

Marine Refrigeration

There's no feeling like gliding over the Florida waves. The excitement of manning your own boat or yacht can be the most liberating feeling in the world. However, having a boat or yacht that is equipped with proper marine refrigeration technology can enhance your experience on the open blue and make your watercraft more enjoyable for you and your guests.


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