3 Signs That Your Marine Air Conditioning Unit Is Failing You

3 Signs That Your Marine Air Conditioning Unit Is Failing You

Having a quality marine air conditioning unit on your boat or yacht is an essential aspect of comfort on the waves. Even if you only use your vessel for special occasions, the humid Florida weather can put a damper on an otherwise great day. If you’ve been experiencing complications with your vessel’s marine air conditioning unit then it may be time to have it maintained or replaced. However, if you’re unsure if your marine air conditioning system is functioning correctly, watch out for these 3 common signs that your vessel’s air conditioning unit is failing you!

Your evaporator is frozen - If your marine air conditioning unit has a frozen evaporator it can bring your unit to a halt and cause more serious and complicated issues down the line. Typically this is the result of insufficient ventilation or blocked air vents. While some issues can be handled on your own, if your evaporator is frozen you’ll need to call a professional technician to ensure that you don’t cause further damage to your unit. 

Your condensation pan is overflowing - A clear sign that your marine air condition system is failing you is the overflow of water in your unit’s condensation pan. When this happens there could be various issues at play. You may need to replace your air filter, the drain hose may be blocked, or the elevation of the unit may be off. If the issue goes unaddressed, an overflowing condensation pan can flood your boat and cause costly repairs. 

Your marine air conditioning system isn’t cooling properly - If your marine air conditioning unit isn’t producing sufficient cool air it can be an indication of a more serious issue at play. Amongst other issues, it can mean that the coolant in your unit is leaking, the insulation is damaged, or the coils are clogged. It can also indicate that your unit is getting old and in need of a replacement. For whatever the issue, a professional marine air conditioning technician can help you diagnose issues and provide practical advice and solutions.  

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