Marine Refrigeration, Boat Air Conditioner, Marine Hot Water Heater, and Chilled Water Systems in Marathon, FL

Marathon is one of the more relaxing islands along the Florida Keys. Missing the hustle and excitement of Key West, Marathon easily makes up with the relaxing Old Florida feeling people look for in the keys.

Self Contained AC Units and Marine AC Systems in Marathon

Self contained air conditioners and chilled water systems can take your boating experience from sweltering in the sun, to cooling in the cabin. Finding the right marine AC system is determined by the size of the boat or yacht and how much of an area the boater is looking to chill.

1. Chilled water systems: Mostly for boats over 50”, this system uses the naturally cooled water from the ocean to flow through the boat. Air is then blown out using the cooling power of the water. Beard Marine can assist boaters with any size of chilled water system and the accessories to go with it – pumps, blowers, cabin controllers and more.2. Self contained air conditioner: Perfect for cooling one area, or possibly two, this small unit can be used in a number of different areas. Some self contained AC units are only 8” high making them perfect for fitting in tight spaces.

Whether you are looking for a boat air conditioner able to produce 180,000 BTU/hr or one just for a small cabin, Beard Marine has different options, accessories and services available for any boat air conditioner needed.

Marine Water Heaters and Marine Hot Water Heaters

Larger yachts may need a marine water heater for kitchen and bath use, smaller boats use them for quick rinse showers. Regardless, finding a marine hot water heater with the safety and capacity features you need is easy with a worldwide distributor such as Beard Marine. Their large selection ensures there’s one available for whatever you are looking for.

Marine Refrigeration for Marathon, FL

Marine refrigeration includes any appliance or unit that is used for cooling:

● Fishbox ice systems● Condensing units● Portables● Fridges● Freezers● And more

Keeping your drinks cool, your fish fresh, and air chilled is easy with the wide selection of marine refrigeration units at Beard Marine.

Marathon Key Boating and Fishing

Multiple public boat ramps make going to Marathon for a day on the water easy. And, if you decide to spend the night, many Marathon hotels have either their own marina or boat ramps. Fish are abundant and can be different depending on whether or not you choose to go on the bay or gulf side of Marathon Key. Some of the species found include yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snapper, along with grouper, mackerel, and barracuda. If you’re lucky, you might even get a tarpon or sailfish.