Marine AC, Self Contained Air Conditioner, Marine Refrigeration, Water Heaters, and Boat or Yacht Ice Makers in Port St. Lucie, FL

Marine Air Systems in Port St. Lucie

Marine AC is available in three different systems – chilled water systems, self contained air conditioner units or split marine air systems. The marine air conditioning unit you choose will depend on your needs, your boat size and what features are important to you. For example, your boat may only need a small area cooled in which a self contained AC unit will work for you. A self contained air conditioner will easy fit in a locker or other small space offering a quick marine AC respite for hot Treasure Coast weather.

Or, you may be looking for a boat air conditioner that will cool multiple areas. Larger boats over 50 feet are best served by chilled water systems that use chilled available water to supply cooled air throughout the boat. Split marine air systems also work better in larger boats and yachts where the two units of the system can be located in different areas providing quieter, yet still effective, cooling comfort.

Installing and having a top performing marine AC system can make the difference in any length of boat or yacht trips. Both the marine air conditioning system and use can be energy efficient, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for resources. Talk to Beard Marine for your Port St. Lucie marine air systems.

Marine Water Heaters, Ice Maker, and Refrigeration

Don’t settle for a marine hot water heater, boat ice maker or marine refrigeration that doesn’t suit your needs. You can find what you need at the largest marine refrigeration supplier in the Southeast US, Beard Marine. There are boat ice makers that make ice to keep a few drinks cool up to large yacht ice makers to supply ice for large-scale entertaining and food preparation. Also, a boat ice maker for fish storage has a different function than a yacht ice maker that makes clear ice cubes. Whatever size or need you have for marine refrigeration in Port St. Lucie, Beard Marine can meet it.

Beard Marine also carriers a large number of marine hot water heater models Marine water heaters are unique in the way they mix, heat and store water for optimal use of space and energy. Your marine hot water heater can store 15 liters, and go up to 40 liters. And, actual output is higher once the hot water from the marine water heater is mixed with cooler water.

Marine Air Conditioning in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Port St. Lucie is another gem on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The St. Lucie river provides miles of waterways from the safe waters of the inlet to the high-sea adventures of the Atlantic. In fact, it’s even possible to go all the way to the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast of Florida from the St. Lucie river. Port St. Lucie is quite proud of its boating lifestyle with ample marinas and other full-service amenities for boaters.