Marine Water Heaters, Water Maker, and Self Contained AC Units in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is often called the "Venice of America," because of its 165 miles of canals and waterways. Year-round boating weather makes Fort Lauderdale a boater’s paradise. So it comes as no surprise that the largest marine supplier in the Southeast, Beard Marine, is located here. With offices, warehouses and service vehicles throughout South Florida, Beard Marine is truly the go-to for all marine supplies, accessories and service, not only in Fort Lauderdale but also worldwide.

Self Contained Air Conditioner in Fort Lauderdale

The heat in South Florida is no joke. Even though Fort Lauderdale enjoys amazing winds off the Atlantic Ocean, boaters should still be prepared to have an AC unit in their boats. If a boat did not come with a marine AC unit and you are looking to install one, there’s no better choice than a self contained AC unit. These one-piece units are best suited for smaller boats under 50’ that do not have room for a split system or chilled water systems. For smaller boat owners looking to only cool one section of their boat, a self contained air conditioner is their best bet.

Marine Water Heaters Made for Boats

A water heater may not sound like a necessity in a hot location such as Fort Lauderdale. However, many passengers find they enjoy the comforts of warm water when washing and showering. Even smaller boats can benefit by having a small marine water heater to help wash off the chill of winter water. Beard Marine carries Isotemp marine heaters for boats of any size. Isotemp marine water heaters all come with a safety relief valve as well as temperature control to prevent scalding. Best of all, marine water heaters are made specifically for marine applications and can be mounted several ways to best accommodate small spaces.

Marine Water Makers from Small to Large Capacity

One of the benefits of working with Beard Marine is that you have access to 35 years of marine sales and makes and models from worldwide suppliers. No product channel is more appropriate than marine water makers. Beard Marine carries marine water makers that can make from 7 to 283 gallons an hour. Additional features can help in the selection of the right marine water maker. Let Beard Marine know if your marine water maker needs to be energy efficient, quiet or controllable from all around the ship. We can also help fit large yachts and oil rigs.

Serving Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Worldwide

Marine and boating accounts for more than $5 billion in annual sales in Fort Lauderdale. It’s no wonder the largest in-water boat show happens here every year in October. The 165 miles of canals make for a fun day of sight-seeing all the mega yachts, sail boats and the mansions that line the canal shores. The city even has its own water taxi systems with room for 45 people on each taxi boat. Many boating magazines, websites, dealers and accessory companies are in Fort Lauderdale due the city being one of the boating capitals of the world. Fort Lauderdale has been voted over and over as one of the top cities for boating with plenty of sunny days and areas to enjoy, even when the ocean is rough.

Beard Marine is the leader in marine AC in Fort Lauderdale.