Chilled Water Systems, Marine AC, and Marine Water Heaters in West Palm Beach, FL

Florida is the number one state when it comes to boating annual sales, repairs and accessories. In fact, with over $1.5 billion spent every year, it’s no wonder one of the top marine suppliers in the world, Beard Marine, can be found in West Palm Beach. Beard Marine is the number one local expert with 35 years of experience when it comes to chilled water systems, marine AC units, self contained AC units and marine water heaters in West Palm Beach.

Chilled Water Systems in West Palm Beach

Whether fishing, traveling or just going out for a day in the sun, you’ll want your boat to be comfortable. If you’ve been tasked by a captain or owner to find a way to incorporate an energy-saving Marine AC option into a boat or yachts comfort system, you owe it to yourself to get familiarized with chilled water systems. Cold freshwater is circulated through pipes placed throughout the vessel using materials already available on your 50”+ yacht or boat. Cold air is then blown through cold air via blowers.

Marine AC Systems including Split Air and Self Contained AC Units

South Florida can be a hot, hot place, especially in West Palm Beach. Many local and worldwide boat owners have come to Beard Marine for solutions, repairs and replacements of their marine AC systems. With the many models and makes of AC systems Beard Marine carries, boaters are guaranteed to find one that not only fits their size boat, but also has the features they are looking for such as controls, energy efficiency and air delivery methods. The two most popular choice are split air or self contained air conditioners. Split air units have two separate systems and are favored on larger boats. A self contained AC unit is exactly what is sound like, an all in one unit. This system is usually found on smaller boats or when only one area needs cooling.

Marine Hot Water Heaters in West Palm Beach and Worldwide.

Marine water heaters have special requirements different from their land counterparts. For one, they must be able to handle the harsh salt environment without corroding. Also, space can be limited so marine water heaters need to not only be efficient but also be able to fit in tight spaces. Many hot waters heaters for boats are designed to heat water hotter than standard water heaters so the hot water can be mixed with cool fresh water to increase capacity. As one can imagine, this requires precision installation and safety controls. Luckily, Beard Marine has over 35 years’ experience with installing and servicing marine hot water heaters.

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