Boat Water Makers, Water Heaters, Marine AC, and Self Contained AC in Miami, FL

When one thinks of Miami, they often think of tall high-rise condos surrounded by miles of turquoise water or the glitz and glamour of Miami Beach. Of course, no Miami scene would be complete without the gleaming white mega yachts cruising by. The care and service that goes into these boats is highly specialized due to the heat, salt environment, and lack of space available. Whether you are looking for sales and service on your yacht or one you take care, Beard Marine of Miami is your go-to expert for marine systems sales and services.

Marine Water Makers in Miami, FL and Worldwide

Beard Marine carries a wide assortment of marine and boat water makers with all different features and sizes. Some water makers produce 7 gallons an hour while others can produce up to 283 gallons an hour. Small boats to larger yachts, and even oil rigs worldwide, can benefit from Beard Marine's expertise and knowledge to find the perfect marine water makers. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the boat water maker for you that fits your needs including required capacity, preferred features, expected usage and size of space available.

Chilled Water Systems for larger Miami Boats and Yachts

Chilled water systems are perfect for the larger size yachts 50+ feet in Miami. One of the best ways to cool larger ships, chilled water systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. These high-preforming systems are quiet and efficient and can be used through multiple air handlers throughout the ship. However, with all that goes into a chilled water system, having an experienced sales and installation company is essential. Beard Marine is a local expert, nationally and globally recognized, with over 35 years of experience throughout the Southeast US and worldwide.

Marine Hot Water Heaters

Marine water heaters have special requirements different from their land counterparts. For one, they must be able to handle the harsh salt environment without corroding. Also, space can be limited so marine water heaters need to not only be efficient but also be able to fit in tight spaces. Many hot waters heaters for boats are designed to heat water hotter than standard water heaters so the hot water can be mixed with cool fresh water to increase capacity. As one can imagine, this requires precision installation and safety controls. Luckily, Beard Marine has over 35 years’ experience with installing and servicing marine hot water heaters.

Marine AC Units including Split Air and Self Contained Units in Miami

Beard Marine carries multiple different styles of marine AC units because every boat is different in size and needs. While some marine systems are used in a few areas around a boat, marine AC units may service entire boats or be continuously run. The two most popular choices are split air or self contained air conditioners. Split air units have two separate systems and are favored on larger boats. A self contained AC unit is exactly what it sounds like – an all in one unit. This system is usually found on smaller boats or when only one area needs cooling.

As part of the yachting capital of the world, Miami and South Florida have everything a boater could dream of – clear water, plenty of fishing, miles of beaches, interesting canals, lagoons and more. Whether you are looking for peaceful fishing trip and a relaxing day on the water, or exciting restaurants and nightlife you can dock at, Miami has everything for every type of boater.

Self Contained AC Units

Miami even has several boat shows throughout the year catering to different boating types. The Miami International Boat Show has jaw dropping boats and yachts and attracts visitors from around the world. Visitors can also take advantage of nearby attractions including Coconut Grove, Miami Beach and even a quick trip to the Keys including Key Largo and Key West.