Marine Refrigeration, Marine Air Conditioning, Self Contained AC Unit, Chilled Water Systems, and Marine Water Heaters in Fort Pierce, FL

Marine Refrigeration & Hot Water Heaters for Fort Pierce Boats & Yachts

Not all marine refrigeration is the same. First off, “marine refrigeration” is a large category encompassing fish box ice, condensing units, fridges, freezers and more. Your boat may need more than one marine refrigeration unit and then you’ll need to look for the right size, energy efficiency, etc. Luckily for residents of Fort Pierce, Beard Marine has many kinds of marine refrigeration units as well as installation and dockside service available.

Marine hot water heaters are available in several different sizes from those for smaller Fort Pierce boats for a quick rinse up, to marine water heaters on larger yachts for daily living needs. Marine hot water heaters from Beard Marine have several safety and energy features making them unique for the marine market. Go ahead and give your guests the comfort provided by a marine hot water heater.

Boat Air Conditioner & Self Contained Air Conditioner

Beard Marine is your boat and yacht source for every type of marine AC. From a small, self contained AC unit to larger chilled water systems, Beard Marine has the units, installation, accessories and repair services you need.

Measure the area you want your boat air conditioner to cover and we’ll help you figure out the right marine air conditioning system and set-up that will work for you. A self contained air conditioner can easily fit under a bunk or sofa for small areas, or you can use several self contained AC units in multiple areas. Larger boat or yacht areas can use a 30,000 BTU/hr self contained AC unit with ducting ability up to 15 feet.

Chilled water systems for Fort Pierce boats 50+ feet long are a quiet and energy efficient marine AC option. Using multiple blowers, the ready availability of cool water and various control units, larger yachts will enjoy the comfortable cabin space even in the hottest Florida seasons.

Whether for living, entertaining, or just a day out on the water, make sure your marine AC unit is the right size for your boat or yacht. Marine air conditioning is needed for both comfort and safety, Beard Marine has everything a boat or yacht needs to install or service your marine AC to its top working functionality.

Marine AC in Fort Pierce, FL

Fort Pierce, self-named ‘The Sunrise City’, is located on the famed Florida Treasure Coast. Fort Pierce oozes charm through the mix of Old Florida charm and modern marine facilities. One of the oldest cities on the coast, the city offers fantastic boating to boats and yachts on the three available major waterways – the intracoastal, Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The first is for a tamer boating experience while the latter is for adventure on the high seas complete with deep-sea fishing and open water SCUBA diving.

We offer Marine Air Conditioning and Marine Air Systems in Fort Pierce, FL.