Self Contained Air Conditioner and AC Units, Chilled Water Systems, and Yacht and Boat Ice Makers in Lake Worth, FL

Self Contained AC Unit and Chilled Water Systems

Whether you are looking for a new marine air system or service, check with Beard Marine, the largest marine air conditioning, watermaker, and refrigeration sales and service company in the Southeastern United States. Air conditioning can make the difference in comfort on your boat or yacht and for safety as some people don’t do well without extra comforts.

A self contained ac unit is perfect for small areas. Able to fit in areas with just 8 inches of height clearance, these little units can cool of an area starting at 16,000 BTU/hr. If looking to cool two areas, boat owners have a choice of using two self contained air conditioner units or a larger self contained ac unit with ducting traveling to 15 feet. Other options on larger self contained ac units include 30,000 BTU/hr, reverse cycle heating and more.

Chilled water systems are unique to the boat system and the ideal system for boats over 50 feet. While quiet, efficient, and ideal for multi-cabin cooling, chilled water systems do require specialized piping, ducting and control issues. Do not trust your yacht to any dealer for a chilled water system, go with the expert in sales, installation, service and more.

Talk to Beard Marine to get started on your self contained AC unit or chilled water system in Lake Worth. Beard Marine has many locations for sales, installation and parts.

Boat Ice Maker, and Yacht Ice Makers

How great would it be to have a marine ice maker on board during a hot day on the water in Lake Worth? Whether looking for a small boat ice maker that makes 23 lbs on just 3 gallons of water per day, or a full size yacht ice maker for entertaining and food preparation, Beard Marine has the marine ice maker for you.

Marine ice makers capable of 540 lbs of fishbox daily are also available. Beard Marine will help you find the boat ice maker or yacht ice maker to make your boating and fishing trips complete.

Marine AC in Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth is a fun town with a little of everything for everyone. Boaters can take advantage of the intracoastal waterway or head straight out to the open water of the Atlantic Ocean. The new Lake Worth pier is a fun way to end a day at the beach watching anglers test their luck.

Downtown Lake Worth has its own vibe with eclectic restaurants, specialty shops, art galleries, music venues and more. Also called the Lake Worth Entertainment District, food and atmospheres from all over the world can be found here. The annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is a one-of-a-kind event with the streets becoming art canvases for artists of all talents.