Self Contained AC Unit, Chilled Water Systems, Marine Air Conditioning, and Boat and Yacht Ice Maker for Jupiter, FL

Self Contained Air Conditioners in Jupiter

Marine air conditioning systems are available for every size boat and can make the difference in comfort in your boat and yacht trips. Even if you use your boat for short trips or a couple of hours, smaller boats can use a small self contained AC unit. These little marine air conditioning units easily fit under a sofa or bunk, or in a locker. Some self contained air conditioners are so small, they only require 8 inches of height clearance.

More powerful self contained air conditioner models are available with the ability to duct to other rooms. And, even reverse cycle to heat if needed. Boating in Jupiter can be more comfortable year round with the installation of a self contained AC unit.

For larger boats and spaces, chilled water systems are the perfect mix of energy efficiency, low noise level and functionality. Larger yachts in Jupiter can benefit from the efficiency of chilled water systems. Beard Marine can help large or small boats and yachts with their goal of marine air conditioning to enhance their water adventures and experiences.

Boat Ice Maker

A boat ice maker can be seen as a necessity or an amazing comfort. Whether being able to keep drinks refreshing or refilling the cooler to keep fish fresh, whatever you need can be done with a boat ice maker from Beard Marine. A marine ice maker can make 23 lbs of ice from just 3 gallons of water. For larger boats and yachts, a yacht ice maker can make up to 40 pounds a day. There is an ice maker for every boat and boater, even a yacht ice maker that makes clear ice cubes for the most concerning entertainers.

Marine Air Conditioning in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter is at the very top of Palm Beach County right at the beginning of the Treasure Coast. This area is what some think is reflective of “Old Florida” and different from the hustle and bustle of the areas to the south. The Jupiter Inlet is beautiful itself with the red and black lighthouse and the views of large estates on Jupiter Island. A1A along the ocean is filled with areas to watch surfers and boaters. And, plenty of parking is available to walk onto nearby Juno Beach Pier, various Jupiter beaches to watch sea turtles or visit the popular dog beach.

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is another fun site in Jupiter. The sanctuary provides care for 5,000 local and native animals a year. Those animals that can’t be released are housed at the sanctuary for general public education including the Florida panther.