Self Contained Air Conditioner, Marine Hot Water Heater, Chilled Water Systems, and Boat Air Conditioners in Hutchinson Island, FL

Marine AC and Self Contained AC Units

Let’s face it, your time spent on the water would be a lot more comfortable with the comfort of a boat air conditioner. Even the smallest of cabin spaces can offer a quick respite on the hottest days using a self contained AC unit. You can go to Hutchinson Island to swim, fish and enjoy the ocean breezes. Marine AC can be a safety and comfort for a whole day in the sun. Enjoy more of your day on the water with an easily installable self contained air conditioner. For larger boats and yachts, the power of chilled water systems offers energy efficiency, power and quiet operation.

A self contained air conditioner is more space friendly than you might know. The smallest self contained AC unit only needs 8 inches of height clearance. Other models are available that are large enough to duct cooled air between two cabins. The space-friendly self contained air conditioner is a must to enjoy a day on the water for Hutchinson Island residents and visitors.

Beard Marine Group has one of the largest supplies of marine AC and boat air conditioner units in the world. They’ve been helping boat owners enjoy their boats for over 35 years with smaller contained units, split air systems and chilled water systems.

Boat Ice Maker and Marine Hot Water Heater

Two more comforts can make boating more enjoyable and add to entertaining value – a boat ice maker and a marine hot water heater. Whether you have a smaller boat and are just looking for a small 15 liter marine hot water heater for a quick rinse or a larger yacht with a large living capacity, there’s a marine water heater for you.

Boat Ice maker units also come in a range of sizes - smaller units that make clear ice cubes for refreshing drinks to a large boat ice maker capable of making 540 lbs of fishbox ice. Let Beard Marine know of your needs for a boat ice maker and they’ll find the unit that is perfect for you.

Beard Marine can also help with the installation any boat ice maker or marine hot water heater. Dockside services are available for areas in Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade counties, and worldwide.

Chilled Water Systems in Hutchinson Island, Florida

Hutchinson Island is two barrier islands called North Hutchinson Island and South Hutchinson Island separated by the Fort Pierce Inlet. Stretching through three counties – Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River, the Hutchinson Islands offers opportunities to see many kids of wildlife including dolphins, turtles and more. A 23 mile long barrier beach separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Intracoastal waterway and offers a wide range of boating and natural outdoor activities including golfing, shelling, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and bird watching.