Marine Air Systems, Self Contained AC Units, Boat Air Conditioner, Ice Maker, Water Maker, Marine Water Heaters, and Marine Refrigeration in Lantana, FL

Marine AC and Chilled Water Systems in Lantana, FL

Lantana has the perfect location for boaters, along the intercoastal waterway and only 10 minutes from the Boynton Beach Inlet. However, like all South Florida locations, Lantana boaters are at the mercy of the hot South Florida heat. This is why many Lantana boaters, and worldwide, should talk to Beard Marine about marine air conditioning for their boat air conditioner options. Beard Marine has access to many top marine AC options. Larger boats can get complete chilled water systems installed while smaller boats can look at all the options for self contained air conditioner​ units. The many different manufacturers of marine air systems all offer different features including output, energy efficiency, space requirements noise level and more. When you come to Beard Marine with the specifications of the boat air conditioner you are looking for, they’ll be able to go through all the different options of marine air systems available for your application. Also, Beard Marine can offer Lantana boaters dockside service including those with chilled water systems.

Marine Water Makers, Water Heaters, and Yacht Ice Makers

Beard Marine is the largest marine water maker and marine refrigeration supplier in the southeast US so you know they’ll have the solutions for you. If you’re looking for a boat ice maker or yacht ice maker, you have many more options than you realize. Portable boat ice maker units can make 28 lbs of ice with just 3 gallons of water. Larger yacht ice maker units can supply enough ice for entertaining and food preparation. Marine refrigeration units also come in all sizes.

Don’t forget about the marine hot water heater units for you boat or yacht. Marine water heaters can supply a welcome rinse after swimming or to get ready for dinner. For larger yachts, marine hot water heater units can supply all the water needed for multiple cabins as well as food preparation. Trust Beard Marine for all your boat water maker needs.

Marine Refrigeration and Self Contained Air Conditioners in Lantana, FL

Lantana offers boaters many options in marinas, boat launches and dockside services. 35 years of boating lifestyles marine service has created the perfect environment for boat owners to get all their boat needs.

For land lovers, the Lantana Public Beach has a large enough stretch for ample space for everyone to find their own spot of paradise. Crushed shell sand and full-size shells provide a full Florida experience. Available parking is pay by the hour which is good because you might get too hot and need a colder escape. Rest assured that umbrellas and lounge chairs are available to rent for a respite from the hot Florida sun.