Marine AC, Chilled Water Systems, Marine Water Heaters, Refrigeration, and Self Contained Air Conditioners in Key West, FL

Key West truly is “close to perfect” and “far from normal.” No other place in the US can mix the tropical feel with eclectic shops, restaurants and character. Boating is a popular pastime with all the prime fishing areas, diving and islands to visit. If you’ve decided to upgrade the systems on your boat with air conditioning, water makers, or refrigeration, or if you need replacements, Beard Marine is your local supplier for both Key West and worldwide.

Chilled Water Systems and Self Contained Air Conditioner in Key West

Chilled water systems are a unique feature to the boating industry and a great way to cool boats that are over 50+ feet long. The availability of cooled water offers a readily available supply of ‘coolant’ to chill air throughout the boat and all cabins. Different sizes of boats and yachts will need a chilled water system built for their specific square feet of cabin space. Working with Beard Marine, you can get the system that will provide you with the necessary Marine AC from 16,000 BTU/hr units, to units producing 180,000 BTU/hr. Units can also be combined to work together for even more output.

A self contained air conditioner (self contained AC Unit) is a great marine AC system for smaller boats or single cabins. Some are as small as 8” tall and can easily fit in small spaces, such as under a bunk or inside of a locker making the self contained AC unit perfect for fitting in already cramped cabin space. With many different self contained air conditioner sizes and models available, Beard Marine will have the perfect boat air conditioner for your needs and all the parts and pumps to go with it. Dock-side service makes installing your boat air conditioner convenient and efficient.

Marine Water Heater for Key West Boats to Easily Add Hot Water

Give yourself and your passengers the comfort of hot water with a marine water heater. A shower can change the way anyone feels after a day in the water or out in the sun, and get them ready for dinner! Marine hot water heaters come in all different sizes, and all the marine water heaters carried by Beard Marine for Key West boaters come with heavy duty safety features and are energy efficient.

Marine Refrigeration

Marine refrigeration encompasses a number of different appliances – fishbox ice, condensing units, portables, fridges, freezers and more. Whatever type of marine refrigeration you are looking for, Beard Marine is your local supplier for worldwide and local Key West refrigeration supplies. There’s even plenty of ice options for cold drinks or fishbox ice systems.

Key West, FL

Every boater should make Key West a spot on their bucket list. Plenty of boat ramps and marines make expediting your Key West boat trip easy and relaxing. Tie-up restaurants, hotels with docks and more are all designed around the Key West lifestyle.