Chilled Water Systems in Port St. Lucie, Hollywood, FL, & Delray Beach

Chilled Water Systems in Port St. Lucie, Hollywood, FL, & Delray Beach

A Brief Guide to Chilled Water Systems

If you enjoy cruising on the Florida waves, then you need reliable marine air conditioning on your vessel. While there are many types of marine AC units to choose from, chilled water systems are the ideal choice for vessels over 40 feet long.

Benefits of chilled water systems:

As an energy-efficient marine cooling system, you can’t go wrong with chilled water systems, and here’s why:

  1. Durable and high-performing
  2. Low electricity consumption
  3. Environmentally friendly AC solution
  4. No limitation on air handlers
  5. Individualized air handler controls
  6. Customized installations

How do chilled water systems work?

Chilled water systems function by circulating cooled freshwater through your vessel's pipes. With multiple air handler controls, these marine cooling systems can cool your entire cabin or different rooms via blowers. Chilled water systems are composed of four parts:

  1. Chillers - Much like a standard AC unit, the chiller uses environmentally-friendly refrigerant for cooling.
  2. Air Handlers - Composed of coils and blowers, air handlers remove warm cabin air.
  3. Piping - The freshwater piping connects to the chiller and offers insulation throughout your vessel.
  4. Seawater System - The seawater system converts heated eco-friendly refrigerant and pumps it overboard with hot cabin air.

At Beard Marine Group, we provide chilled water systems to vessel owners in Port St. Lucie, Hollywood, FL, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Stuart, Vero Beach, and the surrounding areas. With worldwide emergency services and a fully-trained staff ready to offer service in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, we’re the preferred choice for chilled water system installation.

Carrying a range of chilled water system brands including Cruisair, Marine Air, Condaria, and more, we have the technology you need to stay comfortable and cool on the waves. With four decades of experience and four department locations, we’re the number one choice for chilled water system installation and repairs. Call us today at (954)463-2288 for more info!