Here’s Why Your Boat Needs A Good Marine Air System

Here’s Why Your Boat Needs A Good Marine Air System

Living in the Florida heat can be a challenge for those that enjoy taking their boat out on the open water. With the sun blazing down on your boat, days on the open blue can feel more like being stuck in a sauna. Having a good marine air conditioning system isn’t just recommended amongst Florida boat owners, it’s a must. Proper ventilation for your vessel provides you with the comfort you need.

Reduces moisture and humidity

Moisture can get stuck under the deck of your boat if left unattended. This moisture not only builds up over time but can compromise the structural integrity of your boat and lead to mold and corrosion.

Helps fabrics and electronic last

Living in Florida means living in extremely humid conditions year-round. If your boat is not properly ventilated then the electronics and fabrics on your boat can deteriorate at rapid rates and cost you in repairs and replacements.

Reduces the risk of osmotic blisters

Fiberglass boats are susceptible to osmotic blistering that can penetrate the gel coating of your boat and trap moisture into enclosed spaces. Not only is repairing osmotic blistering costly, but it can be easily avoided through proper marine air system installation and ventilation. 

Keeping your boat well ventilated not only provides you and your crew with comfort but can preserve the integrity of your boat and help your boat and belongings last longer. Through the installation of quality marine air systems, you can keep your boat in great shape and make your boat a more enjoyable space for you and your guests.

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