Marine A/C in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Marine A/C in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Three Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Marine A/C System

Your home is not the only space that requires a reliable cooling system. If you're a boat or yacht owner in Fort Lauderdale, or the surrounding areas then you need a good marine a/c unit! In fact, it's nearly impossible to go without one.

While Florida brings undeniably desirable weather conditions, the heat and humidity can tarnish even the most beautiful day out on the waves. However, not all marine a/c units are created equal, and you need to consider some important things before purchasing a cooling unit for your vessel.

  1. Size Matters - A unit that is too small will constantly run and still not satisfy the cooling needs. A unit that is too big will short cycle which will cause the space to feel cold and clammy. Other factors such as the climate the vessel will be in the majority of the time and even which deck the space is on to be cooled as also important.
  2. Which Model? - You'll find that there are several models and brands on the market to choose from, varying in price and quality. Beard Marine A/C & refrigeration offers multiple brands in every style. We can help pick out the right brand, size and style for whatever cooling and heating need you have.
  3. Stick to Your Budget - After doing your homework, make a realistic calculation of what you're willing to spend on your new marine a/c unit. This can help you weed out models that aren't a good fit for your vessel or your wallet.

At Beard Marine, we offer vessel owners in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas quality marine a/c systems from the most respected carriers in the business. From Condaria, Cruisair, Marine Air, and more, we ensure that you get the best marine a/c unit for your boat and/or yacht. With quality in mind first, we do our part to present you with your options and give you the knowledge to select the right unit for your vessel. Contact us today by calling (954) 463-2288!