Marine Air Conditioning, and Chilled Water Systems in Vero Beach, FL

Marine Air Conditioning, and Chilled Water Systems in Vero Beach, FL

Vero Beach is a great quiet area along the Treasure Coast of eastern Florida. Many people come to Vero Beach during from Fall to Spring looking for a temperate climate to escape northern winters. What they don’t realize is that seasons are unpredictable in Florida and average highs from December to February are in the mid 70’s. You can imagine what the rest of the year is like and how much anyone on their boat would benefit from having adequate marine air conditioning. Beard Marine is proud to serve the Vero Beach area with many different types of water and marine air conditioning systems including chilled water systems and self contained air conditioner units.

Larger boats 50’+ often go for chilled water systems as their source of marine air conditioning. Chilled water systems work with a chiller, usually in the engine room, cooling water and then pumping it throughout the boat. Air is blown over coils with the chilled air and repeated for maximum energy efficiency. This also works as a dehumidifier keeping boats comfortable and protecting against mildew growth. Chilled water systems do not skimp on comfort as blowers can be placed in any room along with individual controls. The systems are known for being efficient, quiet and effective. 

Self Contained AC Unit for Vero Beach Boats and Yachts

Self contained AC units are another source of marine air conditioning and great for Vero Beach boats and yachts looking to cool individual cabins or rooms. Self contained air conditioner units range in many different sizes. Some of the models we carry can deliver 16,000 BTU/hr of cooling with a height of just 8 inches (203 mm). Other units can go as high as 30,000 BTU/hr. And, some can even reverse cycle to heat as needed. Beard Marine has many different sizes and models of self contained AC units for Vero Beach residents and also worldwide.

Marine AC in Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach is nicknamed the Hibiscus City and has the motto “Where the Tropics Begin”. This elegant city is home to many luxurious houses and condos looking to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches and serenity of the Treasure Coast. Residents and visitors come for golf, water sports, shopping and terrific open water fishing. Quieter activities include tranquil beaches, museums and nature tours. Visitors can stay in hotels that range from motor lodges all the way up to five star hotel and spa accommodations.