Marine Air Conditioning for Coral Gables, Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, FL

Marine Air Conditioning for Coral Gables, Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, FL

What are you giving yourself or your family for the holidays? Material goods are fun, but your house may be full and there might not be anything you “want”.  So, what is the best gift? How about more time together? Or more time on the boat next year? Then it might be time to think about getting new marine air conditioning from Beard Marine.

Beard Marine is the largest marine water and refrigeration provider in the Southeast US with such a large assortment of different types of marine air conditioning, there’s bound to be one for your boat or yacht. No matter what type of marine air conditioning you are looking for – split system, self-contained unit or chilled water system, Beard Marine has it, can install it and service it. From Vero Beach down to Coral Gables, Beard Marine’s multiple locations can get the marine air conditioning you need. Other service areas include Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, Lantana and Stuart, and even worldwide.

Marine Air Conditioning is a great way to extend the time you or your family spends on your boat. No matter how many times you jump in the water to cool off, drink cool beverages or whatever you do to cool down, nothing compares to the power and comfort of marine air conditioning. There even might be someone in your family, elderly, teenagers or other, that would go on the boat more if there was cool air available.

Also, don’t forget about the additional benefit of “conditioning” the air by pulling out moisture. This could be a major saver for upholstery, carpet or anything else that can trap moisture and grow mildew.

You really can’t lose with getting marine air conditioning for the upcoming year. So when they ask you want for Christmas this year, be sure to say “More time on the boat together” with a glint in your eye.