Marine Air Conditioning in Boca Raton, Dania Beach, and Key West, FL

Marine Air Conditioning in Boca Raton, Dania Beach, and Key West, FL

This year should remind you (as every other year does) that South Florida doesn’t have a “fall season”.  And, if we do, it certainly doesn’t start in September. We can wait up until Thanksgiving until we start to feel some relief. And, you know it’s the same on the water. You or your guests may think you’re going out for a cool day on the boat, but it can be hot, hot, hot.

Luckily for residents of South Florida, there are many different options for marine air conditioning on boats and yachts. What you choose will depend on your space and needs. Since Beard Marine does not just represent one manufacturer or one type of marine air conditioning system, they will give you the best advice based on will work for your boat.

We carry the most popular marine air conditioning systems for boats and yachts:

  1. Self-contained units. For smaller areas, even in a locker or under a bunk. Cools air in one cabin.
  2. Split systems. More output and can be combined and ducted through various locations.
  3. Chilled water systems. Found on boats longer than 50’, these marine air conditioning units use the power of chilled water to cool air throughout the boat.

After you have your marine air conditioning system picked out, you’ll also need installation, service and maintenance. Here is another benefit of the Beard Marine Group. With multiple locations throughout South Florida, including various warehouse and sales offices, they are ready to come to you with available dockside service. Think about the environment your marine air conditioner will be exposed to and the inside of your boat. You want the best installation followed by the best maintenance available. 

Beard Marine Group is the largest marine A/C, refrigeration and watermaker sales company in the Southeast and South Florida. We always work to find the best products for our customers and follow through with exceptional service. We look forward to working with clients throughout South Florida including Boca Raton, Dania Beach, Pompano Beach and Miami. Beard Marine is also a top distributer and service provider to the Keys including Marathon and Key West. As the largest marine AC, refrigeration and water maker sales center in the Southeast, we know how to keep our cool!