Marine Air Conditioning in Jupiter, FL, Fort Pierce, and Port St. Lucie

Marine Air Conditioning in Jupiter, FL, Fort Pierce, and Port St. Lucie

DIY Guide to Installing a Marine Air Conditioning Unit

If you’ve been living without marine air conditioning, then that needs to change ASAP! Contact us to learn more about marine air conditioning units for your vessel!

On the other hand, if you’ve just purchased a marine air conditioning unit for your boat and/or yacht, then you’re in the right place. Here’s your fast and simple DIY guide to installing a marine air conditioning unit--it’s so fast and simple that it can be said in three words:

Don’t - Install - Yourself

If you came to this page for advice on how to install your own unit, then we highly advise against it. Marine air conditioning installation is best left to the professionals, and here’s why:

  1. Accuracy - When you hire a professional technician for marine AC installation, the job gets done right the first time. This cuts down on time and headache in the long run that is caused by unprofessional installation.
  2. Knowledge - Professional marine air conditioning technicians have the knowledge needed to deal with complications that may arise during installation.
  3. Maintenance - When you hire skilled and trained marine air conditioning technicians you get access to warranties and maintenance plans that ensure your unit is well-maintained for years to come.

At Beard Marine Group we supply marine air conditioning technologies to Miami, Jupiter, FL, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Coral Gables, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas. Working with reputable suppliers such as Condaria, Cruisair, Marine Air, and Aqua Air, we have a vast range of air conditioning styles and models to choose from, ideal for any vessel of any size.

In addition to providing our clients with supreme marine air conditioning technology we provide our valued clients with 24-hour dockside service where and when it’s most needed. Contact us today at (561)-881-9598 to learn more about our marine air conditioning solutions for your vessel!