Marine Air Systems, and Boat Air Conditioner in Coral Gables, FL

Marine Air Systems, and Boat Air Conditioner in Coral Gables, FL

Could there be any place better place for boating, entertainment and living than Coral Gables? One of the most beautiful places in South Florida and a dream location for boaters. When looking for quality marine air conditioning, self contained AC unit or other marine air systems, Coral Gable boaters can look for the quality sales and installation from Beard Marine.

Don’t let a great day on the water go by because it’s too hot. Beard Marine has many different options for marine AC. A boat air conditioner can make the difference between a great day on your boat you’ll want to repeat again and again, and a day that will only be remembered for its oppressive heat. Enjoy your Coral Gables boat! Spend the quality time with friends and family. Get the fishing time in. Let the kids jump in the water. And for those who need a break, have a spot for them to cool off.

Not sure what kind of boat air conditioner to get? Beard Marine is the largest marine supplier in the southeast carrying many different kinds and makes of marine air systems. Call or schedule a visit to find which is perfect for you. You’ll need to have the size of the area you want the marine air conditioning unit to cover and what are the features you are looking for. From there Beard Marine will be able to give you different options as well as direct you through the installation process. And, Beard Marine also serves boats worldwide looking for excellent marine AC units.

Self Contained Air Conditioner for Coral Galbes Boats and Yachts

A self contained AC unit has many of the features that Coral Gables boat and yacht owners are looking for. This is a special type of marine AC unit that can be modified to fit on existing boats that didn’t previously have any type of marine air systems before (or to replace a previous self contained air conditioner).  The self contained AC unit can be as small as 8 inches high and easily fit under a sofa, in a locker or any other area out of the way. Larger units of self conditioner air conditioner units are large enough to not only cool one room but also supply enough cooled air to be pumped to another room.

Marine AC in Coral Gables, Florida

The inland area of Coral Gables is amazing with old neighborhoods, the famous and beautiful Venetian Pool and proximity to the University of Miami. And, Coral Gables has the benefit of also sitting right on Biscayne Bay, south of Miami. With easy access to Key Biscayne and Virginia Key, boaters in Coral Gables have many options of seeing nature and also passing by the big beautiful mansions Miami Beach and the surrounding areas are famous for. There’s also the opportunity to visit Stiltsville, a group of wood stilt houses in Biscayne Bay.