Marine Refrigeration in Key West, Miami, and Vero Beach, FL

Marine Refrigeration in Key West, Miami, and Vero Beach, FL

4 Marine Refrigeration Brands That You’ll Love

If you own a vessel, then you shouldn’t have to go without marine refrigeration. Marine refrigeration refers to refrigeration technology that keeps your food, drinks, and daily catch maintained for you and your passenger’s health.

From cold drinks to keeping your food fresh, marine refrigeration is essential, especially for vessel owners in Miami, Key West, Vero Beach, and the surrounding areas. In fact, going without marine refrigeration can be a health hazard, leading to bacteria build-up on food and the spoiling of drinks left out in the Florida sun.

1 - Vitrifrigo

Vitrifrigo is a well-established Italian company manufacturing refrigerators specifically for the boating, automotive and RV markets.

2 - Dometic

We offer Dometic refrigeration systems including condensing units to keep your cabin cool, portable freezers to keep food fresh, built-ins, and a range of custom marine refrigeration models to fit your vessel's unique requirements.

3 - Isotherm

Isotherm offers nearly every marine refrigeration product you could desire, including full-size refrigerators for larger vessels, cooling units, travel boxes, and more!

4 - U-Line

Get the reliable ice makers and refrigerators that your vessel requires with U-Line technology. Ideal for compact vessels, you don't have to sacrifice comfort just because your vessel is small!

Our technicians at Beard Marine provide marine refrigeration repairs and installation services to Miami, Key West, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Coral Gables, Vero Beach, and the surrounding areas. With 40 years of experience and passion for improving your marine experience, we go above and beyond to arm your vessel with affordable and innovative marine refrigeration technology.

We even meet you at the docks for convenient repairs and installations. For more information on our marine refrigeration systems for your vessel, contact us today!