Self Contained Air Conditioner​, and Marine Air Systems in Hobe Sound

Self Contained Air Conditioner​, and Marine Air Systems in Hobe Sound

Boats of all size in the Hobe Sound area can look to Beard Marine to take care of their marine air conditioning needs. Marine Air Systems are available in multiple different types that each have their own set of unique features and benefits. For smaller boats, a self contained AC unit might be the best option to cool a small area while not occupying a lot of cabin space. Larger boats and yachts usually look to larger marine AC options including chilled water systems.

Chilled water systems are already familiar to most 50’+ yacht owners. Using the availability of cooled water, chilled water systems work to cool air by blowing over coils with chilled water. The benefit is that the main units of the chilled water system can be placed in the engine room and the rest of the marine AC system works throughout the boat quietly with suburb energy efficiency.

Hobe Sound boaters should never have to avoid a day on the water because of heat. Various marine air systems make any boat air conditioner units in reach for every type of boat. Beard Marine serves the local Treasure Coast and Hobe Sound area with many different types of marine ac units that are also available worldwide.

Self Contained AC Unit in Hobe Sound

Self contained air conditioner units are a great marine AC option for recreational boaters in Hobe Sound. Small, efficient and only requiring a small supply of water for cooling, a self contained AC unit is a quick and easy addition to any boat. Some smaller units are perfect cabin marine AC system units when looking to cool a small area. Larger self contained air conditioner units can produce enough cool air to be pumped to another room. Again, this is a great boat air conditioner option for many different recreational boats in Hobe Sound.

Marine Air Conditioning in Hobe Sound, Florida

Boating and sailing in Hobe Sound offers the chance to enjoy some of the areas that represent “old Florida”. Hobe Sound is located in Martin County, home to more than 20 marinas and many fishing and sightseeing charters. To say the area takes advantage of its prime ocean location would be an understatement. Boaters can explore numerous waterways, wildlife and Hutchinson Island. Many natural areas are waiting to be discovered by visitors including Blowing Rocks Preserve, Hobe Sound Beach and Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. The last can be visited by boat.  Just load up and get ready for a day of wildlife sighting and swimming.