Top Marine Air Conditioning Systems for Fort Lauderdale & Stuart, FL

Top Marine Air Conditioning Systems for Fort Lauderdale & Stuart, FL

Top Marine Air Conditioning System Brands for Your Vessel

Nothing can tarnish a perfect day out on the water like extreme weather conditions. With the hot and humid weather of Florida, if you own a boat or yacht then you need a reliable marine air conditioning system to keep you and your guests cool at all times.

While Marine air conditioning systems are a must, it can be difficult to decide what kind of system is right for your vessel. With options like split gas systems, self-contained units, chilled water, and more, there are several A/C options to choose from. But more than selecting the right marine air conditioning system, you need to select the right brand that will provide you with reliable and quality cooling for years to come.

Here are the top four marine air system brands on the market:

  1. Marine Air - Marine Air has been around since 1977 and focuses on providing you with sustainable options that reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint.
  2. Cruisair - Cruisair has been around since 1959 and provides both commercial and private vessels with reliable cooling, water purification, refrigeration, and more!
  3. Aqua Air - Aqua Air provides boat air systems to yachts both big and small. With chilled water systems, self-contained units, direct expansion split systems, and a range of accessories, Aqua Air is a leader in marine air systems.
  4. Condaria - With roots dating to 1965, Condaria is the leader in chilled water air conditioning systems and has provided engineering to work boats, navy vessels, and private watercraft for years.

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