Marine Air Conditioning and Marine Air Systems in Pompano Beach, FL

For water enthusiasts who enjoy a wide range of water sports and activities, owning a boat or small watercraft will give you the freedom to enjoy your leisure time on the water and get the most out of your investment. But being out on the water means being out in the hot sun, which can get exhausting if you don’t have an indoor marine air conditioning unit.
At Beard Marine, we help small to mid-size boat owners procure marine air systems that help control your watercraft’s indoor climate and dehumidify your boat’s environment to rid your boat of mold that can be hazardous to health and cause corrosion. With a wide selection of units to choose from, our skilled technicians work with you and your finances to find the marine air conditioning system that fits your requirements and budget. With Beard Marine, your boat will always have the most up-to-date technology to make your days on the water more convenient and enjoyable.

Marine Air Systems in Pompano Beach, FL

CS 24k 60k Spec Sheet in Pompano Beach, FL

When it comes to finding an air conditioning unit for your boat, you may find that you have a wide net of options available to you. Every marine air conditioning company in Pompano Beach, FL promises that they are the best, but Beard Marine delivers. With Beard Marine, you not only get the most reliable marine air system available, but you also get a network of professional services and support such as:

● 24-Hour Dockside Support - Our team of skilled technicians provides you with 24/7 dockside support for emergency situations and repairs.Technical Services - We work with agents and brokers when it comes to boat repairs so you don’t have to worry about the added financial burden of marine air system repairs.● Warranty Policies - As an independent contractor, we offer special warranties on parts and equipment, so you never have to worry about the expenses of costly repairs.

Marine Air Conditioning in Pompano Beach, FL

North of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, FL is known as the heart of the gold coast, where tropical beauty meets suburban living on the white shore. With offshore coral reefs that dazzle divers and snorkelers, staying off the water isn’t an option in Pompano Beach. That’s why boat and yacht owners choose to dock their boats in the marinas of Pompano Beach, FL for easy access to the wonders of the open blue.

At Beard Marine, we provide small to mid-size boats in Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas with a wide selection of marine air conditioning options that provide you with a comfortable indoor climate on your watercraft year-round. With a wide selection of different marine air systems, we help you find the right system that accommodates your boat and your budget.

We offer Self Contained AC Units in Pompano Beach, FL.