Marine Air Conditioning

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D/X Split-Gas Systems


● Fan coil units in 4-24,000 BTU/H ( 1,008-6,048 KCAL/H ) sizes.● Available in 115-1-50/60 input or 230-1-50/60 input models.● Can be used with either cooling only or reverse cycle ( heating/cooling ) systems● Rotatable blower for ease of ducting● High capacity squirrel cage blower is designed for quiet operation with flexible duct systems● Standard flexible duct connector is installed standard on the blower discharge. This connector also directly adapts to the Aqua-Air AT series adapter duct tees.● Dual condensate drain outlets on the drain pan are factory connected into a common ½" hose barb tee for ease of installation.● Antifungal, antislosh foam media is installed in the internally corrosion resistant coated drain pan.● All external condensate producing surfaces are covered with 1/8" thick foam insulation.● Vertically adjustable mounting legs with rubber vibration pads and mounting screws.● Refrigerant line connections are 18"long. Flare fittings with flare nuts are provided.● Removeable lint screen installed on the front of the coil.● A plastic clamp is installed on the face of the unit for mounting the thermostat sensor.● Designed for use with either the K(H) Series or AQF(H) Series condensing units.● Can be used with either a three knob manual control (AQS1 or AQS3 Series) or the Tempwise 2001 digital thermostat.● Ideal for mounting low in the bottom of closets or under seats or bunks.