Marine Air Conditioning

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Chilled Water Systems

Staged Chiller Water

Staged Chilled Water (SCG) R-410A large-capacity systems consist of two to six modules, and are available in capacities ranging from 48,000 (4 ton) to 1,080,000 (90 ton) BTU/hr. The marine-grade compressors come in single phase or three phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and all standard voltages (208-460 VAC). Each condensing unit is monitored and protected with freeze controls, high limit switches, high and low aquastats, timers and on-board fuses or breakers. Cupronickel condenser coils provide high corrosion resistance. unique stainless-steel evaporator plates are designed for maximum efficiency of heat transfer.
SCG systems can be built with the circulation pump mounted in the chiller frame. Frames are welded with marine-grade aluminum alloy, primed, then finished with a corrosion resistant epoxy. SCG systems can provide heat via reverse cycle or electric heating.

SCG systems can be installed in any convenient location and are highly resistant to vibration, moisture or ambient temperatures up to 140° F/60°C. All access ports to the refrigerant system are protected with Charge Guard®, a factory installed seal, ensuring system integrity from shipping through final installation. Units meet or exceed Coast Guard regulations.