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Custom Refrigeration

(CS-NC-15 Cooling Kit)

CF Series refrigerators/freezers offer powerful cooling and deep-freezing from 50° to 0°F and state-of-the-art electronics for additional convenience. There’s an ideal appliance for every requirement – from the slim 19-quart model to the extra-large capacity 113-quart model. The CF Series features a quick-chill/turbo function which runs the compressor at maximum performance until the desired temperature is reached. All models work perfectly even in inclined positions.
Seven models (CF-18 to CF-110) are equipped with a unique soft-touch operating panel. Insulating and Protective Covers with Velcro® closures and zip panels are available for all CF Series Refrigerators/Freezers. Constructed of high-quality Oxford nylon, the covers feature aluminum-coated polyester insulation and a non-skid bottom. The operating panel and connection sockets remain accessible through openings in the cover. Convenient side pockets store small items.