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Eskimo Ice Dometic Isotherm U-Line


The Eskimo Ice EI540D system produces up to 540 lbs. (245 kg) of fishbox ice per day, roughly the same output as its larger predecessor.
The EI 540D ice-making machine comes in a self-contained, cube-shaped package with a 16x16 in. (413x413 mm) footprint, making it ideal for boats with limited installation space but no less demand for reliable and efficient fishbox ice production.
EI540D units are easy to install. Ice is generated minutes after starting the system, and can be conveyed up to 35 ft. (10.6 m) through an ice-delivery hose to nearly any desired location on board.

The system is operated by the Smart Logic control. The control is integrated into the electrical box which can be mounted remotely for installation flexibility. Smart Logic features a full menu of sensors and status lights monitor gas pressure, auger motor, compressor, water level, ice level, and ice clogs, and will shut off the system if problems are detected.
EI540D units feature ventilated cover panels, which can be easily removed for convenient service access from any side. The EI540D system installation kit includes one electrical box with Smart Logic keypad/display, water filter, and 35 ft. 910.6 m) of 3/4 in. (20 mm) ID ice delivery hose and insulation. This smaller diameter hose is easier to install and less likely to kink.
The EI540D will support an additional remotely-mountable Smart Logic keypad/display, which can be purchased separately.