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D/X Split-Gas Systems

AT Series Chilled Water Air Handlers

The AT series of air handlers for tempered water systems are draw-through (ducted) units that replace the Flex-Duct and Draw-Through models, and have many improvements and options over the existing units.

Significant improvements include: sloped "Positive-Flow" drain pan which stand water, larger drain connections, improved coil design for better cooling and dehumidifiying performance, coil is offset from drain pan edge to ensure all condensation is caught in the pan, redesigned piping so the bypass valve is clear of dripping condensation, pressure test ports for troubleshooting, and the new 24,000 BTU/hr unit uses a high-efficency, internal-motor blower for quieter operation. On units with auxiliary (electric) heat, the new heater design allows removal from the top or side for access or servicing.