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Cabin Controls

Chiller Gateway

Chiller Gateway Network Interface lets you monitor and control the functions of a multi-stage Cruisair chilled water system at the chiller control panel or from a remote location via Modbus TCP/IP connection.

The Gateway and optional color GUI-style touchscreen provide a high-speed digital interface to the chiller system for monitoring temperatures, current, pressures, input/output status/system faults and alarms, modes of operation, and system logs.

In addition, the Gateway offers two-way data transmission via Modbus/TCP Ethernet protocol to the yacht's integrated network, allowing chiller operation to be handled from there.

The Chiller Gateway now has an exciting new optional available that allows CAN bus communication to all of the yacht's Cruisair Q-Logic Tempered Water (TW) air handler controls. Combined with the other features, this new capability allows the Chiller Gateway to monitor and control all aspects of the entire air conditioning system.

The system monitors all the inputs and will display 12 different faults based on the information received. Each fault has a specific routine that protects the unit while heloing to prevent nuisance faults. Another feature of the TWLC is that it can be connected to an on-board computer or modem to allow full remote access of the system. Custom software emulates the TWLC on the computer screen and navigation through the menus is identical to the TWLC keypad/display.