Marine Air Conditioning

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D/X Split-Gas Systems

K Series

● Reverse cycle condensing units in 5-16,000 BTU/H sizes ( 1,260-4,032 KCAL/H ).● Available in 115-1-50/60 input or 230-1-50/60 input models.● Dependable reciprocating compressor.● Seawater condenser constructed of copper outer jacket & 90-10 cupronickel inner tube for corrosion resistance.● Suction line accumulator for low load compressor protection.● Electric box contains the start & run capacitors and start relay.● Electric box can be remote mounted up to 6' ( 2m ) away.● High refrigerant pressure, automatic reset switch. ● Two sets of rubber isolation mounts for vibration free operation.● Aluminum drain pan to catch any condensate formed on the unit.● Plywood mounting base for ease of installation.● Base valves with Nylon stem caps and brass caps over the charging & access ports.● Ignition protected construction for use on gasoline powered vessels.● Can be used in environments up to 140/ F ( 60/ C ).● White enamel finish.● Designed for use with R-407C environmentally friendly refrigerant.