Marine Air Conditioning

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Chilled Water Systems

MCG Modular Chiller (90K - 180K)

Marine Air's MCG chilled water series is available in capacities ranging from 90,000 (7.5 ton) to 180,000 (15 ton) BTU/hr. Featuring a compact base design, MCG modules can be staged to provide a larger system, which is easily retrofitted and serviced in the field. Up to six 15-ton stages can be configured for a system total of 1,080,000 BTU/hr, or 90 tons. Each condensing unit is monitored and protected with freeze controls, high-limit switched, high and low aquastats, and timers. MCG chillers are monitored and protected by Marine Air's exclusive Digital Diagnostic Controller (DDC), which can be installed remotely.
For staged systems, the Chilled Water Master Controller (CWMC) provides central control over each DDC on each module in the system. up to six modules are supported. The (CWMC) coordinates all cooling and heating funtions, evenly distributes compressor run times, and operates the seawater and circulated water pumps.