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D/X Split-Gas Systems

REU Evaporators

The Cruisair's REU series evaporators are draw-through, ductable cooling units with rotable, variable-speed blowers, Featuring high-efficiency blowers, Reu series units are available in capacties from 7K to 36K BTU/hr. The RES series was designed for installation low in closet, cabinet, or other enclosed space, with discharge air ducted to one or more grilles high in the cabin. One or two evaporators can be used with a single Cruisair type condeinsing unit of matched capacity. Vibration-isolation mounting is built into each unit to simplify installation. 
The blower is supported by a sturdy aluminumbracket with isolation grommets to reduce possible vibration. The blower performs favorably in higher static pressure conditions. The internal motor housing results in a narrower unit and promotes quieter operation. The condensate pan, blower housing, and all other metal surfaces over which air passes are covered with insulating foa which reduces noise and secondary condensation. The "positive flow" condensate drain pan has an anti-sloch, antifungal foam lining.