Marine Air Conditioning

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SmartStart Soft Starter

The SmartStart is a unique device that smooths out startup powerdemand of the boat air conditioner's compressor instead of spiking it, reducing amp requirements by up to 65%. The technology uses dynamic feedback control to reduce the inrush of current by starting the compressor motor slowly. In some situations, this gentler method of handling the power surge can mean the difference between keeping the generator you have or investing thousands of dollars in a larger generator. For boats without a generator, the SmartStart may allow the option of powering an air conditioning system from an inverter.
When running on dock power, a SmartSmart may resolve issues where the power source or connection may be weak. Not only does the SmartStart ease strain on the power source, it's also less stressful for the compressor itself since it start more gently. Additionally, it provides valuable protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source or the connection to the compressor is briefly interrupted, then it reattempts a soft start after a three minute delay. The SmartStart is wired directly into the air-conditioning system's electrical box.