Marine Air Conditioning

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D/X Split-Gas Systems

TurboVap Series Evaporators

The TurboVap series features a rust-free molded composite drain pan from which condensate water is rapidly removed at one of two easy-to-plumb drain locations. The pan also has innovatively designed anti-slosh ridges and 'positive flow' channels to ensure condensate does not spill even in the roughest seas. For improved installation ease and flexibility, the enclosed blower motor eliminates overhang and the blower can be rotated 270° with a single adjustment screw.
The unit's unique inlet ring is designed to optimize air flow and ensure that the height of the unit does not increase when the blower rotates. The fully insulated, high-velocity blowers are quiet and efficient.

TurboVap units can be paired with condensers that use either R-22 or R-417A refrigerants.