Marine Air Conditioning

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Variable Frequency Drives

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) completely eliminates the large starting inrush current of the compressor by ramping up voltage and frequency in a controlled time period. This allows running on limited dockside power, and also protects the generator from overload. In addition to eliminating inrush, the VFD will also run a 60Hz rated compressor at 60Hz even when input power is 50 Hz, which allows full BTU capacity performance (230V only). The drive also protects the compressor by monitoring input voltage and output current, and will shut down if a problem is detected. On 208/230V systems, the VFD can "convert" single-phase input power to 3-phase output. However, the VFD current capacity must be derated.

The VFD unit produces a modified sine wave output for smooth acceleration and running, with precise frequency resolution. It is designed to operate in extreme environments, such as an engine room. However, the enclosure is ventilated, and must be kept dry. Any direct water contact can damage the unit.

An LED display allows the user to monitor operation and faults. The VFD is pre-programmed from the factory and no further setup is required. Power cables are available through special order.