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Custom Refrigeration

(Adler/Barbour ColdMachine Kits)

Adler/Barbour ColdMachine Kits offer two configurations. The air-cooled CU-100 ColdMachine, and the air and water-cooled CU-200 SuperColdMachine. Powered by a Danfoss BD50F compressor, these easy-to-install units provide up to 15 cu. Ft. (424 liters) of refrigeration and work with a variety of 100-Series evaporators (see technical specifications).

ColdMachines are specifically designed to survive the rigors of the harsh marine environment, and to provide exceptional performance in hot and humid conditions, erratic or low voltage and continuous use.

ColdMachine kits now com with self-seeing quick-connect fittings for easy attachment. Unlike the old “one-shot” connections, quick-connect fittings can be disconnected and reconnected whenever necessary without loss of refrigerant or exposing the system to air or moisture.