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(CRD-50 Drawer)

The CRD-50 drawer refrigerator with freezer compartment provides a convenient and highly efficient way to keep snacks and beverages cold on your boat.
Modeled after the CR series, winner of the DAME design award at the 2006 METS, CRD-50 refrigerators have a durable metal frame construction able to withstand harsh marine conditions, yet feature an attractive, stylish appearance that will complement any galley, cockpit or flybridge. The door's face panel is interchangeable in the field to suit the decor or setting, and the recessed door handle promotes sleek, modern styling. A flush-mount flange is available.
The CRD-50 interior offers a generous 50-liter capacity. The freezer compartment with door has a 4-liter capacity and is removable to fit more or larger items needing refrigeration only. The continuously variable thermostat provides control over the amount of cooling. In heavy seas, the locking mechanism keeps the door securely closed. Using the lock's venting feature allows easy defrosting and mildew prevention.

The CRD-50 is powered by a fully hermetic Danfoss compressor with integrated control electronics. It is connection ready for 12/24V DC operation, and has low-voltage protection