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Custom Refrigeration

(Dry Evaporator Plates)

Stainless steel dry Evaporator Plates provide an effective solution for cooling cockpit freezers, drink boxes and custom refrigeration applications. Evaporator plates are a cost effective solution when holdover systems are not required.

Evaporator plates can be specified for both refrigeration and/ or freezer applications. Minimal plate thickness (9/16") allows for a clean, wall to wall installation inside any box. Plates are constructed of 20 gauge #304 stainless steel for strength and a #3 finish for aesthetics.

Refrigerant connections are constructed of 3/8" O.D. copper tube. Optional flare quick disconnect (QD) or swagelok fittings are available upon request.

Properly sized plates will rapidly lower and thermostatically maintain box temperature on demand. Properly insulated boxes will maintain desired temperatures with minimum compressor duty cycles.