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Custom Refrigeration


Custom Flat Plate EvaporatorsCustom stainless steel plates are available for installation into an insulated box. The plates have stainless tubing with special heat transfer compound to improve efficiency. Rectangular plates of any dimension from 10" - 36" (254mm - 914mm) are available. Plate size is chosen to maximize the surface area in the box, with a minimum of 40% of the inside wall area covered. Plates are pre-charged with R-134A, and have quick connect fittings. Plates without charge are also available.

Custom Wrapped Box EvaporatorsCustom wrapped boxes are ideal for use where a clean box interior is necessary, although almost any refrigeration application can be built. Using the wrapped box as bait freezers or catch boxes helps keep the items from freezing to the evaporator surface, and aids in cleaning of the box. The fiberglass box is wrapped with copper tubing and pre-charged with R-134A at the factory. A special heat transfer compound is used to help heat transfer from the box to the tubing. All boxes are supplied with quick connect fittings to speed installation.