Chilled Water Systems in Miami, Aventura, Hollywood, FL, and Worldwide

Chilled water systems are unique to the boating industry and an exceptional use of materials readily available. These systems work by circulating cold freshwater through pipes placed throughout the vessel and releasing the cold air via blowers. It is important to find an expert that can help you find the right chilled water systems, including sizing, parts, installation, and maintenance. Beard Marine Group has over 35 years of experience around the world, with offices in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. As the largest marine AC, refrigeration and water maker vendor in the hot, hot Southeast, we know about keeping cool!

Advantages of Chilled Water Systems

● Flexibility on amount of air handlers● Air handlers can be placed throughout the vessels even far from the unit● Controllable load management● Energy-efficient & environmentally friendly● High-performing system● Quiet and efficient

Once you determine your 50’+ boat is ready for a chilled water system, rest comfortable knowing Beard Marine Group can help you find the best model for your boat. We are experienced in the design and engineering of chilled water specifications. We take into consideration load capacity, desired comfort level and amount of cabin space. What works in one boat may simply not work in another.

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Chilled Water Systems in Aventura, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale, FL

We make sure the systems we offer can handle the environmental demands here in Southern Florida and found out at sea. We’ve worked with all different sizes of boats in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Aventura, FL. Each boat is specific in its air conditioning needs. We have units that range from 16,000 BTU/hr to units producing 180,000 BTU/hr that can be combined to work together for even more output. Our systems are resistant to ambient temperatures and moisture with heavy-duty factory-installed seals.

Chilled Water System Parts and Accessories

Once you have installed your chilled water system, also called chilled water air conditioning system or marine water chiller, we’ll help you find the quality equipment to go with it. We carry multiple models of pumps, cabin controllers and air handlers. Our cabin controllers and chilled water controllers put all control information and decisions at a convenient location of your choosing.

24-Hour Service, Anywhere and Anytime

We offer 24-hour dockside assistance with experienced technicians. They are also EPA certified in refrigerant recovery and can repair all major brands of air conditioning including chilled water systems. Beard Marine is licensed, insured and a member in good standing with the Marine Industries Association and the American Boat and Yacht Council. To learn more about adding a chilled water system to your boat, contact us today.