Marine Water Heaters in Aventura, Miami, West Palm Beach, Florida and Worldwide

Not all marine water heaters are equal. When it comes to choosing one, select one that has safety, capacity, comfort and efficiency as part of the design. The Beard Marine Group carries the Isotemp marine hot water heater, among others, designed for use on boats and yachts in challenging marine environments. We also have parts, filters and 24-hour dockside service. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, we service all areas in Southeastern Florida, including the boating capital of Fort Lauderdale, but are available worldwide.

Benefits of Isotemp Marine Water Heaters

● High-quality components.● Robust design.● 316-grade Stainless steel internal tanks.● 5-year limited warranty.● Electrical immersion heater in lowest part of tank.● Temperature control safety mixing valve to prevent scalding.● Safety relief valve.● Nickel-plated AC heating elements for extended life.● Faster heating with extra-long engine water heat exchanger coils.

Marine Hot Water Heater by Isotemp

Find the Best Marine Hot Water Heater

Strongly made with both the water tank and external cylinder constructed from stainless steel. High-quality polyurethane insulation increases heating efficiency by maintaining hot water temperature to minimize energy consumption. Water can even remain hot for 24 hours after heating. Models come with the Isotemp Temperature Control Safety Mixing Valve, which mixes hot water to your fresh-water system to minimize power consumption. Heated by engine heat, exchanger or standard 110V or 220V / 750W immersion heater. Can mount vertically, horizontally or even from an overhead.

Marine Water Heaters

Isotemp SPA
The SPA line is the more economic choice but still has the high-grade marine-quality construction from all Isotemp’s product line. SPA models are 12.4 and 15.4 inches in diameter with capacities running from 15 liters up to 40 liters. Isotemp SPA Stainless Steel Water Heaters achieve the highest capacity by improving the position of the engine's water heat exchanger as well as the electrical immersion heater.
Isotemp Square
The old models of square water heaters have been replaced with the higher-efficiency models that incorporate the latest heating and safety technology. Designed to insulate water once heated, newer models also heat deeper while incorporating safety controls to prevent scalding and overheating. Isotemp’s square model has many of the same features as its round counterparts but with a shape some owner may find more convenient.

Marine Hot Water Heaters Add to Your Boating Experience

Hot water can be great to add to the comfort of your boat and yacht. Many guests on boats want to enjoy a water lifestyle that offers all the same comforts they would find on land. Let Beard Marine Group help you find the marine hot water heater that best fits your needs and your ideal environment. Our two offices in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale can service anywhere in Hollywood, Aventura, Miami, South Florida, and worldwide. Contact us today for a marine water heater.